On Valentine's Day, a carefully selected Valentine bouquet becomes a powerful messenger of love and affection. Choosing the right flowers for Valentine's Day is a meaningful way to express your emotions towards a significant other, friend, or family member. This guide offers ideas for crafting a memorable Valentine's Day bouquet, including the best-selling flowers from La Belle Fleur.

    The Timeless Appeal of Valentine's Day Roses

    Red rose bouquet with yellow sunflowers bouquets in background

    Giving roses on Valentine's Day is a historical tradition full of love and romance. Tracing back to ancient times, roses have been used to symbolize profound emotions. Historically, red roses, known for their striking colour, have been associated with deep love and enduring passion. These roses have become synonymous with Valentine's Day, reflecting the intensity and depth of romantic feelings.

    Pink roses, another popular choice for this special day, embody admiration and sweet affection, often chosen to express budding feelings or gentle love. Yellow roses, symbolizing friendship and joy, are given to celebrate the bonds of a strong friendship or as a gesture of goodwill.

    In more contemporary times, the addition of blue roses to Valentine's Day bouquets has introduced an element of mystery and intrigue. Though not found naturally and often created through dyeing, these roses have come to represent the enchanting and sometimes elusive nature of love, adding a modern twist to the traditional Valentine's Day palette.

    This rich history of gifting roses on Valentine's Day highlights not just a simple gesture of giving flowers but a deeper, symbolic representation of various forms of love, from passionate to platonic, all embodied in the beauty of a rose.

    How to Pair Roses with Thoughtful Gifts

    Red paper hearts on black backdrop with a red gift box in the centre

    Roses are a classic symbol of love on Valentine's Day, but their message can be amplified when paired with additional thoughtful gifts. These combinations can turn a simple gesture into a memorable and deeply personal expression of your affection. Here are some ways to enhance the impact of your Valentine's Day roses:

    Dinner Date

    A romantic dinner is a timeless way to complement Valentine's Day roses. Whether it's a reservation at your loved one's favourite restaurant or a homemade meal prepared by you, the effort sets the stage for a memorable evening. Present the roses upon arrival or have them waiting at the table for an added surprise.


    Pairing roses with jewelry can symbolize the lasting nature of your relationship. The jewelry doesn’t have to be extravagant; even a simple bracelet or a pendant that holds personal significance can make a profound impact. This combination of beauty and permanence resonates deeply on Valentine's Day.

    Heartfelt Note or Love Letter

    Pink rose bouquet on white wood panel backdrop with pink envelope

    Sometimes, words can express what flowers alone cannot. A handwritten note or a love letter accompanying the roses adds a deeply personal touch. Share your feelings, reminisce about special moments, or express hopes for the future. This gesture often becomes a cherished keepsake.

    Chocolate or Sweet Treats

    Chocolates or gourmet sweets are a delightful accompaniment to Valentine's Day roses. Combining the sweet flavours of chocolate with the beauty of the roses appeals to the senses and adds a layer of indulgence to your gift.

    Customized Gifts

    Personalized gifts like a photo album, a custom piece of art, or an engraved item add a unique touch to the traditional rose bouquet. These gifts show thoughtfulness and effort, making the roses part of a larger, more personalized expression of your love.

    Wine or Champagne

    Red roses bouquet with wine glass and bottle of wine in a white basket

    A bottle of fine wine or champagne paired with roses sets the tone for a romantic evening. It’s a classic gesture that signifies celebration and sophistication, perfect for toasting your relationship.

    Experience Gifts

    Pairing roses with the promise of a shared experience, such as concert tickets, a weekend getaway, or a spa day, can be incredibly romantic. This not only enhances the immediate joy of receiving roses but also extends the anticipation and pleasure of your Valentine's Day gift.

    Aromatic Candles or Perfume

    Adding a scented candle or perfume bottle with the bouquet can create a multi-sensory experience. Choose a fragrance that your loved one adores or one that reminds you both of a special time or place in your relationship.

    Looking for a special way to say “I love you”? Read our guide on the Best Valentine Gifts to Send Your Love.

    La Belle Fleur's Valentine Bouquet Selection

    La Belle Fleur offers a diverse range of Valentine's Day bouquets, from traditional red roses to unique blends of flowers. Our collection includes blue roses, symbolizing the extraordinary, and a mix of orchids, tulips, lilies, and carnations, each adding unique symbolism to a Valentine bouquet. Our Valentine's Day delivery service ensures these carefully crafted bouquets reach your loved one on time.

    Classic Rose Bouquet

    Women holding a classic red bouquet

    Embrace the quintessence of romance with our VDay Classic Rose Bouquet, a symbol of enduring love and elegance. This bouquet is offered in two splendid sizes: 12 roses for a sweet expression of affection or a lavish assembly of 24 roses for a grand declaration of love. Each bouquet is a testament to timeless beauty and heartfelt emotions, making it an impeccable choice for any special occasion.

    Crafted carefully, each Classic Rose Bouquet features lush green foliage that complements the roses’ natural beauty. The arrangement is expertly wrapped in our signature packaging, which not only adds a touch of sophistication but also presents the roses in luxury.

    Rosé Bouquet

    Pink, red, and white rose bouquet

    Unveil the essence of romance and elegance with our VDay Rosé Bouquet, a breathtaking blend of colour and delicacy. Available in three sizes of 6, 12, or 24 roses, this bouquet artfully combines classic roses in hues of white, pink, and red with the subtle grace of baby's breath. Each rose is carefully selected and harmoniously arranged to create a visually stunning display that embodies love and sophistication.

    The white roses symbolize purity and innocence, the pink ones express admiration and joy, and the red roses represent deep love and passion. When intertwined with the wispy elegance of baby's breath, this bouquet becomes a masterpiece of floral design, perfect for expressing a spectrum of emotions and sentiments.

    Pearl Pink Rose Bouquet

    Pink rose bouquet with white pearls

    Our VDay Pearl Pink Rose Bouquet is a luxurious and enchanting floral arrangement that beautifully marries the delicacy of roses with the sophistication of pearls. This exquisite bouquet features 15 premium long-stem pink roses, each chosen for their lush, full blooms and impressive stature, creating an atmosphere of romance and grace.

    Symbolizing love, grace, and admiration, the pink roses are more than just flowers; they are a testament to the deep and tender emotions you wish to convey. The soft pink hue of the roses brings a sense of warmth and affection, making it an ideal gift for expressing your heartfelt sentiments.

    Blue Rose Bouquet

    Blue rose bouquets with white pearls

    Discover the appeal of the VDay Blue Rose Bouquet, a stunning and unconventional choice for this Valentine's Day. Crafted with an eye for beauty and a touch of the unique, this bouquet features exquisite blue roses, known for their enchanting and mystical appeal. The bouquet is available in three distinct sizes to suit your preference: a set of 6 roses, an arrangement of 12 roses, or a grand gesture of 24 roses.

    Each option promises to captivate and delight your loved one, making a profound statement of your affection and admiration. This bouquet is ideal for those looking to step away from the traditional and embrace the extraordinary. The Blue Rose Bouquet stands as a testament to a love that's truly one of a kind.

    Personalizing Valentine Bouquets

    Pink rose bouquet laid on pink backdrop with candies

    When selecting flowers for Valentine's Day, personal preferences matter. Tailor your Valentine bouquet with their favourite flowers or colours from La Belle Fleur's selection to show thoughtfulness and care.

    Convenient Valentine's Day Flower Delivery

    At La Belle Fleur, we offer Valentine's Day flower delivery services in Vaughan, Toronto, Oakville, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Markham, and more locations in the GTA. We provide a hassle-free way to surprise your loved one, ensuring timely delivery directly to their doorstep.

    Last-Minute Gifting with Same-Day Delivery

    For last-minute gifts, La Belle Fleur provides same-day Valentine's Day delivery in the Greater Toronto Area, ensuring your loving gesture arrives on time.

    Valentine Bouquets for Any Relationships

    Three mixed bouquets in glass vases

    Valentine's Day bouquets are not just for romantic partners. Sending a Valentine's Day arrangement from La Belle Fleur to friends, family, or colleagues can spread joy and love to anyone. Each bouquet can be customized to convey a specific sentiment, making it a versatile choice for any relationship.

    Galentine's Day Celebrations

    Celebrate Galentine's Day on February 13th by sending flowers from La Belle Fleur to honour the women in your life. It's a wonderful way to appreciate female friendships.

    Conclusion: Crafting the Perfect Valentine Bouquet

    In conclusion, choosing the perfect Valentine bouquet, whether traditional roses or a diverse mix from La Belle Fleur, is all about thoughtfulness and personalization. With our convenient delivery services for Valentine's Day flowers, expressing your love and appreciation is easy and impactful. Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable with a bouquet that beautifully expresses your feelings.

    Shop Valentine’s Day flower arrangements with same-day delivery in the Greater Toronto area.