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    Orchids have been one of the most popular selling arrangements no matter what flower shop you ask. Not only are they a beautiful arrangement just in the store for your viewing pleasure, they're a beautifully designed virtual gift.


    La Belle Fleur is one of the premier flower shops in Toronto that specializes in floral arrangements and fresh flowers. We also deliver in our local delivery zone and you can either schedule delivery dates or order same day delivery before 10 am the same day. To ensure customer satisfaction, if we are unable to deliver your original arrangement we'll replace your one of a kind freshest bouquet with another unique arrangement of the same or greater value as your original selection. Our professional florists from our local business will walk you through the complete delivery process, from the delivery fee to the delivery date or if you want specific delivery dates for a certain recipient so you know what to expect.


    If you're looking for a beautiful and unique flower to add to your home, look no further than the orchid. Orchids come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and can thrive in a variety of different climates. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right orchid for you?


    Size: Orchids come in many different sizes. Selecting the right size orchid will depend on the overall size of your arrangement. If you are creating a large arrangement, you will need to use larger orchids. For smaller arrangements, you can use smaller orchids.

    Shape: Orchids also come in many different shapes. Some are more round, while others are more elongated. Consider the shape of your arrangement when selecting orchids. You will want to use shapes that complement the overall design.

    Color: Orchids come in a wide range of colors. When choosing colors for your arrangement, consider both the color of the orchids and the color of the container. You will want to create a pleasing color palette that coordinates well with the overall design.

    Container: The container you use for your arrangement is just as important as the orchids themselves. Choose a container that is both attractive and functional. Although glass and ceramic are popular options, a metal or plastic container might be a better choice if you're concerned about knocking it over.


    Now that you know all about selecting orchids for your arrangement, it's time to get creative! Aside from that, there are a few other considerations you need to think about:


    Lighting: Orchids prefer bright, indirect sunlight. If you live in a particularly dark home, you may need to supplement your orchid's light with artificial grow lights.

    Watering: Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes made with orchids. These plants like to be kept on the drier side, so water them only when the potting mix is completely dry to the touch.

    Potting mix: Most orchids do best in a potting mix that is designed specifically for them. This mix will usually contain ingredients like bark, charcoal, and perlite, which help to aerate the roots and provide drainage.

    Fertilizing: Orchids should be fertilized every other week during the growing season (spring and summer), and then monthly during the fall and winter. Use a fertilizer that is designed specifically for orchids and follow the directions on the package


    With these tips in mind, you're sure to find the perfect orchid for your home! If you're looking for other flower options, we also sell a vast selection of arrangements, from funeral flowers to birthday/sympathy flowers, we have you covered.


    Our local delivery zone

    La Belle Fleur flower shop offers same day delivery if you order flower delivery before 10 am each day, or you can schedule delivery for specific delivery dates. A delivery fee based on your delivery date as well as your actual location will be calculated for you.


    We generally ship gift baskets to any location in the GTA, but please keep in mind that delivery procedures are in place for all local online orders. Delivery impacts may include some of the following:

    You may experience restricted deliveries if your recipient's address belongs to nursing homes - restricted deliveries can also occur in office buildings (restricted access), apartments or any other venue really. We'll coordinate directly with you online or you can come to our storefront location to personally contact your local florist about your delivery. If your recipient resides in a restricted area such as nursing homes, please let us know ASAP so we can sort out delivery to ensure that you receive amazing service.


    A beautifully designed virtual gift

    Whether you're shopping for wedding flowers, funeral flowers, or any general flower type plants - you can trust that our shop has you covered. Our hand delivered flowers are a surefire way for strengthening relationships. A delivery fee based on your location is then attached if you choose to have a delivery driver drop off your floral gift rather than picking it up.


    Regardless of what you're looking for, you can always personally contact us to discuss a later arrangement, receiving shipments, adding a card message either physically or to the recipient's email and more. Our local florist offers tons of other customization options. Due to the current pandemic, we are also ensuring that all of our florists and customers interact from a safe distance to decrease the likelihood of spreading COVID.


    Shopping local matters, come check out La Belle Fleur's hand delivered arrangements today!