With 2023 in full swing, we want to explore the bridal bouquet trends that are shaping the wedding landscape this year.

    From petite sizes to sculpture styles, these trends offer a spectrum of wedding flower options for couples seeking to create their special day with a touch of creativity and elegance.

    Bridal Bouquet Trends to Follow

    Planning your wedding is an exciting experience, and floral arrangements can play a huge role in capturing your dream aesthetic. Here are the latest bridal bouquet trends to get inspired:

    Petite Bridal Bouquet Sizes

    Bridal bouquet

    In contrast to the era of grandiose, cascading bouquets, petite and delicate bridal bouquets have risen in popularity. These lightweight and airy arrangements captivate with their unique local blooms, carefully curated to achieve height and dimension.

    The shift towards smaller bouquets allows for the exploration of refined shapes and forms that harmonize beautifully with the modern wedding aesthetic.

    More Than Just a Pop of Colour

    Colourful bouquet

    After years of embracing neutral tones, a vibrant renaissance is underway. This year, bridal bouquets embrace unexpected and bold color combinations, breaking free from tradition.

    Chartreuse paired with lavender and mustard yellow alongside magenta are two duos that are redefining the bridal bouquets. Moreover, the inclusion of metallics like silver adds a contemporary and unique touch to wedding arrangements.


    Embracing the adage "more is more," maximalism takes centre stage in the world of bridal bouquets.

    The incorporation of fruits and vegetables into tablescapes brings a fresh twist to wedding decor. Berries, legumes, and even carrots can create visually intriguing and edible elements that spark conversation and delight guests.

    Sculptural Styles

    Characterized by bold and well-defined shapes, sculptural floral arrangements are gaining traction. The innovative U-shape and S shape are dominating bridal bouquet designs.

    These shapes cater to modern, clean styles as well as traditional, organic aesthetics. This trend emphasizes the artistic aspect of floral arrangements, adding a captivating element to your overall wedding decor.

    Statement Pieces

    From dance floor installations to captivating escort table arrangements, oversized floral installations offer a focal point that leaves guests in awe. These statement pieces elevate the guest experience, creating unforgettable memories.

    Unexpected Elements Paired with Flowers

    Unique flower bouquet

    The unexpected takes center stage as unconventional elements make their way into bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Taxidermy butterflies add whimsy and fascination, while moss, instead of traditional table runners, brings an element of nature indoors.

    Tumbleweed offers an unusual and artistic touch, creating an atmosphere of novelty and exploration. The pairing of natural stones and crystals also enriches an arrangement's organic aesthetic.

    In other words, going organic and getting creative can pay off. Don't be afraid to branch out!


    As the wedding landscape embraces innovation and individuality, the bridal bouquet trends of 2023 reflect the desire for unique and unforgettable experiences.

    From petite bouquets to unexpected pairings, these trends offer couples many options to create the perfect wedding day aesthetic.

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