Rare Monstera Thai Constellation (6”)- Limited Quantity


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    For one, they are quite rare; due to their variegated leaves, only about 10% of all Philodendron seeds will produce a Thai Constellation variety. Additionally, these plants take several years to mature; it can take up to 5 years for a Thai Constellation Monstera to reach its full size.

    Unlike their all-green Monstera buddies, Thai Constellation are less tolerant of drying out, are slower growing, as well as more sensitive to light, temperature, humidity and fertiliser.

    Unlike the chunkier variegation of the Monstera Albo, the Thai Constellation has more speckled and flecked variegation, and thankfully also has stable variegation (which the Albo doesn't). 

    The Thai's variegation is also more a creamy, yellowy-white than the Albo's brighter white, so does have more of a creamy-yellow tinge to the white. More light helps it whiten and older leaves can lighten up over time too, but not normally the brighter white of the Albo.

    The Monstera Thai Constellation is 100% NOT the plant for you if you're an over-waterer. No helicopter parenting needed here. Time to change your watering ways. Think lightly moist, not wet.

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