Palm Bamboo (Palm Seifrizzi) - Cat Friendly


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    Bamboo Palm, scientifically known as Chamaedorea seifrizii, is a breath of fresh air for cat owners. Its non-toxic nature means it's safe for your whiskered roommates. Unlike the deceptive 'lucky bamboo', which is a no-go, the true Bamboo Palm keeps things chill and cat-friendly.


    Bamboo palm plants are fairly unfussy regarding their light. They thrive equally in low to medium light conditions. They will even tolerate bright light as long as it isn't hot sun, which will burn the delicate fronds. 


    Temperature & Humidity

    Like other palms, bamboo palms enjoy warm temperatures and medium relative humidity. The average house temperature is probably fine, however, you may need to supplement humidity by placing the plant near a humidifier, misting the leaves daily or placing the container atop a sauce filled with pebbles. 


    Rich, well-draining soil is recommended for the bamboo palm. A standard potting mix amended with peat moss, orchid bark and perlite is ideal for this palm. 


    11inch pot

    5ft tall



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